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Our history includes the events that led to engagement and those that followed that engagement. In order to heal we must understand both the cause and the effect of any war that occurs. Please take a look at the holistic value of the Vietnam War. Our mission is to commemorate, educate and heal.

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Dr. Barry Culhane's Veteran's Day Speeh November 11, 2008 at the Finger Lakes Community College.


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(Aug 31, 2008)

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Greater Rochester Tour video



This memorial is for veterans and their loved ones and all of our citizens affected by Vietnam. To Commemorate those who served their country and those who died.
To Educate future generations about this important and controversial time in our history …and to Heal the heartaches of decades. Military men and women went to Vietnam to fight an unpopular war to return, often alone, to fight a second war at home, choosing the silence of the maligned and misunderstood. Many veterans buried their rage, guilt, horror, and sadness along with their great sense of pride for doing their best. All sacrificed something of themselves. Most went on with their lives as productive Americans. Those who never served, but could have, remember the time well.

Even though every battle in Vietnam was won by America, Vietnam is the war Americans know we lost. Vietnam became a war associated with The Forgotten War in Korea.